Santa Is Coming To Swatara Township
December 22, 2019

Santa will be out and about in the township a few days this year. Although he wont be in his sleigh, he will be on Swatara Fire & Rescue apparatus. On December 14th, he will be in the Oberlin, Enhaut, and Lenker Manor areas starting at 8 AM. On December 18th Santa will be in the Lawnton area starting around 5 PM. On December 21st Santa will travel around the Bressler area starting around noon. And on December 22nd he will be in the Rutherford area starting around 1 PM. During these times be sure to listen for the sirens approaching so you can get outside in time. If you do come out to see the Jolly Fellow, Please be sure to stay out of the street until the firemen/women say its okay. We wouldn't want you to mistake us trying to get to an emergency for Santa approaching. We will try to keep you updated via social media if any weather or emergency related scheduling changes would occur. We hope to see you all out there.